Collaborative work by Pumas-AI and Otsuka to be presented at NKF '21

February 18, 2021 | Blog

We are excited to announce that the collaborative work performed by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization and Pumas-AI scientists will be presented at National Kidney Foundation 2021 on April 6-10, 2021!

The modeling used Pumas software to explore urine osmolality and GFR relationship.

  • Urine Osmolality (Uosm) Is a Reasonable Marker of Acute (TKV) and Longer-term (eGFR) Efficacy of Vasopressin Receptor Antagonism in ADPKD: Post-hoc Analysis of TEMPO 3:4
  • Greater Effect on Total Kidney Volume (TKV) With Tolvaptan (TOL) Despite Placebo (PBO)-treated Subjects Reaching Similar Spot Urine Osmolality (Uosm) Potentially Due to Increased Water Consumption in ADPKD: Post-hoc Analysis of TEMPO 3:4

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