Pumas is distributed via JuliaPro from Julia Computing which can be downloaded for free at Julia Computing's website. We recommend using the current stable release. Please refer to The Quickstart Guides (located next to the JuliaPro download link) for more details about the installation of JuliaPro.

In JuliaPro, Pumas is installed like any other Julia package. From the JuliaPro prompt, execute the command

using Pkg; Pkg.add("Pumas")

Notice that you will be asked to authenticate the first time you install a package. See the Quickstart Guides for more information about the authentication process.

The installation of Pumas will automatically install all packages required by Pumas. When the prompt returns, Pumas is loaded with

using Pumas

The first time Pumas is loaded, it might take several minutes to finish but the package should load in a couple of seconds in subsequent sessions.

Please refer to the documentation for examples and information about how to use Pumas.


Pumas is covered by the Julia Computing EULA.