Personalized patient care

A robust clinical decision support system that leverages individual patient history and targeted medical data for personalized patient care.

Healthcare professionals across the board agree — the more personalized the treatment, the greater the therapeutic success. Lyv is designed to help clinicians plan and act on effective dosing, monitoring and follow up strategies to optimize individualized patient management.

Real-time data, on-time action

Lyv is a three-pronged system comprising a continuously updated electronic health records and medical database, a quantitative therapeutics modeling engine and a suite of easy-to-use data collection and decision-making tools.

Together they empower healthcare professionals with all the insight they need to turn clinical data into critical decisions.

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Your clinical data nerve center

Once deployed, Lyv serves as a single-point hub for all your patient records. As more information enters the system, the proprietary analytics engine produces sharper predictions using an increased number of data points. Lyv leverages cutting-edge Bayesian modeling algorithms and comprehensive medical databases to derive personalized treatment trajectories for radically improved patient outcomes.

Make informed
decisions, faster
dosing errors
Course correct
with confidence
patient outcomes