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The most powerful pharma modeling &
simulation software in the market today.

We Challenged the Status Quo

Why should the best minds in medical research settle for incremental improvements in technology and juggle a patchwork of programs that don't talk each other?

We dared to invent a platform on the latest technology that is integrated, intuitive and innovative. Pumas is designed to help pharmaceutical researchers not just compute faster but explore a wider range of questions for more valuable insight.

Setting New Standards for Collaborative Tools

PerformanceMarket-Leading productsPumas
Automation LimitedDesigned for automation of workflow,
model-informed templates available
Interoperability ImpossibleSeamless transitions and integrations
Innovation LimitedAI/ML capabilities, far exceeding current standards
Scalability ImpossibleRevolutionary on demand use of CPUs/GPUs
Accessibility LimitedCloud-based SaaS, access from anywhere, anytime
Provenance ImpossibleMaintain just one platform/software

One Powerful Platform. Infinite Potential.

product overview

Better Data
Demands Better Analytics.

Toolkit Suite

Single Platform, combining
the power of multiple software

NCA BE (GUI)DeepPumas
Coming Soon

Productivity Suite

Cloud-based, with powerful
interactive visualization

Automated Diagnostics
Organize Working Folders Efficiently
Automate Routine Analysis Workflows
Scale-Up on Demand
Convert any Model into an App

Compliance Suite

Complete traceability and
control of permissions

CFR Part 11 and SOC-2
Tracking & Traceability
Single Sign-On
Multi-factor Authentication
Custom SOPs
Installation Qualification
Implementation Support

Pumas Labs

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Guided instructions of various quantitative pharmacology workflows.


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