Augmenting Healthcare Intelligence
with Powerful Analytics

Turning data into life-saving
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Pumas for Enterprise
For industry professionals
Pumas for Academia
For researchers, students & faculty
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As scientists in a highly competitive drug-development industry, you are entrusted with making decisions that support billion-dollar investments. Innovation and productivity are key to your success. Now, you can deliver breakthrough treatments to market faster with Pumas.

Deeper intelligence for sharper investment

Only 2% of pharmaceutical innovation successfully enters the market. Pumas multiplies your chances.

With its complete range of analytics capabilities, PUMAS gives pharmaceutical/biotech companies and their investors usable quantitative metrics on technical, regulatory, and commercial success probabilities. Users can translate predictive insight into real world decisions faster than ever before, effectively de-risking investments.

One suite that does it all

Pumas is the first analytical software designed to support high-performance drug development teams where collaboration is key. All the analyses pharmaceutical scientists need, on one integrated platform. Modeling and simulation results generated on Pumas are increasingly being submitted to and accepted by regulatory agencies.

Our Commitment to academic researchers

We are committed to supporting aspiring scientists and faculty across the globe by ensuring Pumas is available for everyone.

Supported by a brilliant team, we have created a powerful suite of tools. Developed by scientists, for science.

Pumas for Enterprise

Pumas for Academia

For industry professionalsFor researchers, students & faculty
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Platform features
Toolkit Suite
Productivity Suite
Compliance Suite

Toolkit suite

Single platform, combining the power of multiple software
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Productivity suite

Cloud-based, with powerful interactive visualization
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Compliance suite

Complete traceability and control of permissions
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The world’s leading businesses, research labs and universities are choosing us as their healthcare intelligence partners.

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