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Pumas-AI Hires Dr. Salim Bouchene and Expands Consulting Practice in Europe

December 06, 2022 | Press Release

Washington, DC (December 6, 2022) - Pumas-AI, a science-first organization that turns data into life-saving decisions faster, announced today has hired Dr. Salim Bouchene as Senior Scientist, based in France. This new hire highlights expansions that Pumas-AI has made across the globe in recent years.

As a senior scientist, Dr. Bouchene will focus on modeling and simulation and their application to pharmaceutical drug development. He will support Pumas-AI’s global client base through pharmacometrics and clinical pharmacology consulting, PK/PD modeling of clinical and preclinical data across various therapeutic areas, model-informed individualized pharmacotherapy, and medication adherence. Prior to Pumas-AI, Dr. Bouchene held positions at Pharmetheus, Certara, and Menarini.

 “We are focused on bringing the brightest minds in pharmacometrics and clinical pharmacology together in a science-first approach; that’s why we asked Salim to join us,” said Dr. Joga Gobburu, Co-Founder and CEO at Pumas-AI, and former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director, Division of Pharmacometrics. “Our mission is to augment healthcare intelligence with powerful tools and services that turn data into life-saving decisions, and we’re proud to have Salim join us in continuing to expand this mission globally.

Strong and steady growth

Pumas-AI has grown by double-digit percentages each year since inception. This most recent new hire expands Pumas-AI European consultants to more than 20 percent of the company makeup, behind Asia-Pacific and North America, respectively. Pumas-AI also employs colleagues in Africa and South America.

Gobburu added, “When it relates to clinical pharmacology, pharmacometrics, drug development, regulations and advanced data analytics, there is no opportunity that is too small and no challenge that is too big. We are here for industry sponsors, laboratories, and universities as their healthcare intelligence partner, and are continually expanding to meet the evolving needs in the future of drug development.

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Pumas-AI was established by University of Maryland School of Pharmacy faculty members Vijay Ivaturi, PhD, and Dr. Gobburu. At PUMAS-AI, we engineer solutions that empower those on the frontlines of healthcare, from discovery to delivery. With a range of software tools and consultancy expertise, we help scientists, healthcare providers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical businesses as well as regulatory bodies make better decisions. For more information, visit

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