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Pumas Enterprise Solutions

Pumas is a Julia-based comprehensive platform for pharmaceutical modeling and simulation. In order for our customers to get up to speed and reap the benefits of Pumas' advance mathematical and computational capabilities, we provide a number of services. These include: Training (JuliaAcademy), integration with existing IT systems and governance (JuliaTeam), building custom UIs, and single click deployment to scale using on-prem clusters or cloud (JuliaRun).

JuliaAcademy is a platform dedicated to raising the level of technical skills for Julia users. Learn to create game-changing code faster than ever.

Free download for data scientists and researchers. Install on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Enterprise support available.

JuliaTeam makes it easy and safe for devops to install Julia packages from behind your firewall, while allowing admins to keep track of what is being used.

JuliaRun is for scalable deployment of Julia in production for real time analytics and large-scale parallel simulations in the public or private cloud.