Augmenting healthcare intelligence with powerful tools and services that turn data into life-saving decisions.

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Today, we know more about the medical sciences than ever before — and never has the need for continuous research and faster innovation in healthcare been more apparent than right now, as the world grapples with a pandemic. At Pumas-AI, we equip the best minds in science with revolutionary technology and scientific consultancy, across industry and academia.

Catalyzing innovation

With deep expertise in allied fields of clinical pharmacology, pharmacometrics, drug development, regulations and advanced data analytics including machine learning, Pumas-AI works with companies, laboratories and universities as their healthcare intelligence partner. Our proprietary solutions tap the potential of data with the power of advanced scientific analytics. We help scientists, healthcare providers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical businesses as well as regulatory bodies plan, develop, test and deliver better.




Regulatory Submissions

Modeling & Simulation

Product Development Strategy

Breaking barriers

In the siloed world of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and healthcare delivery, littered with software systems that don’t talk to each other, we believe there is a need for integrated solutions. We are creating a clinical decision support ecosystem for scientists, data and systems across the healthcare horizontal. We have partnered with Julia Computing for all our proprietary technology, leveraging the simplicity, scalability and dramatic speed of its open source language built for big data and analytics.


Accelerated drug development

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Personalized patient care

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Pumas-AI is a young company led by decades of experience in diverse areas of healthcare. We build technology that converts the power of science into real-world applications with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


Developed by and for scientists

Driven by a team of scientists at the University of Maryland in partnership with scientific computing experts, Pumas-AI’s solutions are fine-tuned to the needs of healthcare research, regulation and delivery. Developed and tested using industry standards, our solutions offer advantages only first-hand experience can.

Joga Gobburu, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Vijay Ivaturi, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Deepak Vinchhi

Director on the Board

Aditi Murti

Head of Operations & Business Intelligence

Viral B. Shah, PhD

Board Advisor

Andreas Noack, PhD

Director, Engineering Research

Amit Roy, PhD

Distinguished Scientist

Patrick Mogensen, PhD

Director, Engineering Research

Chris Rackauckas, PhD

Director, Scientific Research

Joel Owen, PhD

Distinguished Scientist

Beatriz Guglieri-López, PhD

Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics

Dhanashri Gudi, PhD

Head, Business Development

Peter Miller

Head, Quality & Compliance

Haden Bunn, MS, PharmD

Director, Precision Therapeutics

José Eduardo Storopoli, PhD

Director – Training and Education

David Cronin

Manager, Quality & Compliance

Arti Thakkar, PhD

Associate Director, Business Development

Lindsey Floryance, MS

Business Development Specialist

Lauren Frenkel

Project Manager

Natilie Josich

Project Manager

Sushuma Gunupudi

Project Manager

Lotfi Maizia

Project Manager

Vamsi Krishna Avasarala

Project Manager

Chris Elrod, PhD

Associate Director of Engineering Research

Salim Bouchene, PhD

Senior Scientist

Mélanie Wilbaux, PhD

Senior Scientist

José Bayoán Santiago Calderón, PhD

Senior Scientist

Keshava Sannala, MS

Senior Scientist

Alex Belozerov

Senior Product Engineer

Michael Hatherly

Senior Product Engineer

Mohamed Tarek, PhD

Senior Product Engineer

Niklas Korsbo, PhD

Senior Product Engineer

Yoni Nazarathy, PhD

Senior Product Engineer

Andrew Lucas, PharmD, MS

Senior Scientist

Andreu Vall, PhD

Machine-Learning Scientist

Dilum Aluthge

Clinician Scientist

Brent Reed, PhD

Clinician Scientist

Julius Krumbiegel

Product Engineer

Lorenzo Contento, PhD

Product Engineer

David Widmann, PhD

Product Engineer

Paul Nsereko

Front-End Engineer

Sam Massinon

Product Engineer

Saugandhika Minnikanti, PhD


Ziqi Yue, PharmD


Nikita Ramwani, M Pharm


Ikhlas Guermi


Asma Baliouze, PharmD


Zhengqi Tan, MBBS, PhD, MPH


Xibei Dang, PhD