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Scientist - Machine Learning

As part of our DeepPumas team, this position is responsible for leading machine learning core and developing general methodology to embed machine learning into modeling structures for pharmacological applications.

Scientist - Modeling & Simulation

In this role, the ideal candidate will report to the Senior Director and engage with clients on clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics projects. The Scientist will assist in supporting drug development programs by applying clinical pharmacology and pharmacometric methodology from pre-clinical through late-stage development and regulatory filings. MULTIPLE POSITIONS AVAILABLE.

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By Scientists, for Science

Who We Are

With unparalleled experience in diverse sectors of drug development and regulation, our solutions are shaped by an insider’s understanding of the industries we serve. Our proprietary solutions tap the potential of data with the power of advanced scientific analytics. We help scientists, healthcare providers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical businesses as well as regulatory bodies plan, develop, test and deliver better. At the core of everything we do is Pumas-AI’s commitment to move science forward.

What We Stand For

The solutions offered at Pumas-AI are fine-tuned to the needs of healthcare research, regulation and delivery. Our experts work seamlessly with your team to accelerate drug development and performance, making clinical research faster, safer and smarter. With a focused goal on providing better solutions for patient care, be it via pharmaceutical drug development innovation or tools for point of care, Pumas-AI aims to bring value, innovation and efficiency to healthcare.

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Perspectives from the Pumas-AI team

David Koplow

The time I spent learning about the inner workings and the practical implications of the toolkit that Pumas-AI is developing, while being mentored by some of the brightest minds in the field, was extremely valuable.

Manu Francis

Collaboration with excellent scientists and developers at Pumas has been a tremendous learning experience for me.

Harrison Wilde

I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone that wants to be truly working at the nexus of academia and industry.

Nandini Bhattaram

Engaging in this internship has made me more passionate about computer science; I plan to pursue it in college.